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A number of senior Indian diplomats, academics and professionals, both retired and in active service, have settled in the territory of Gurgaon which has, by now, become a hub of international cooperation in all fields, diplomatic, academic and corporate. Most of them have migrated from Delhi and other parts of the country. They are all persons of conscience, politically conscious, socially committed and deeply aware of the national and international environment prevalent today. Driven by the zeal and commitment to do their humble bit for the society and the country and as part of the rising stature of Gurgaon, it was strongly felt to form a group of persons with a variety of talents with the objective of Establishing a Center for International Relations and Community Well-being in consultation with the authorities concerned in Gurgaon. Accordingly, after a great deal of thought, exchange of views and interaction amongst individuals and groups interested in fostering international relations and community well-being, a Centre with that name has been duly registered with the District Registrar of Firms & Societies, Gurgaon, Haryana vide registration No. DR/GGN/404 dated 6th March, 2007 as required under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act of 1860.
The Center was re-registered (Registration No. 00204 dated 1st Feb, 2013) with the District Registrar of firms and Societies, Gurgaon as required under the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012,

Founder Members of the Centre

  • Late Hon'ble Shri I.K.Gujral (Chief Patron)
  • Dr. A.R. Kidwai (Patron)
  • Ambassador L.L. Mehrotra, IFS (Retd.)(President)
  • Shri M. Guruswamy (Vice-President)
  • Ambassador R.P.Singh, IFS(Retd.)(Secretary)
  • Dr.Reeta Wahi (Joint Secretary-cum-Treasurer)
  • Prof. P.N. Srivastava (Member)
  • Late Shri C.P. Sharma (Member)
  • Dr. Smt. Veena Sharma (Member)
  • Prof.Satish Arora (Member)
  • Late Prof.Vijay Gupta (Member)

Current positions of Office Bearers

  • Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Parliament (RS) (Chief Patron)
  • Dr. AR Kidwai, Former Governor of Haryana (Hony. Member)
  • Ambassador LL Mehrotra, IFS (Retd) (President)
  • Shri GS Dutt,, IAS (Retd) (Vice President)
  • Ambassador RP Singh, IFS (Retd) ( Secretary General)
  • Shri Anant P Dehadrai (Treasurer)

Executive Members of the Governing Body:

  • Dr, Reeta Wahi,
  • Cmde. Jagdish Anand (Retd.),
  • Mohd. Iqbal Butt,
  • Col.(Retd.) Tej S. Dalal
  • Brig. DP Singh (Retd)
  • Prof. Indra Nath Mukherji,
  • Lt. Gen. Arun K. Nanda (Retd.),
  • Lt. Gen. SN Handa (Retd.),

CIRCW's Profile

Donations to the Centre are exempt from tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.